About Us

Our mission at RapidAssist is to improve the outcome for people impacted by emergencies and crises through the use of mobile and web technology.

In 2012, we identified the opportunity to use personal mobile technology through managing real-life emergency situations involving pirated ships off the coast of Somalia. Since then, we have been working to develop the most globally advanced, scalable personal location and situational awareness technology with the aim of saving lives.

We believe that life saving technology should be easily available at a low-cost. At RapidAssist, we know how our technology will invest in the future of emergency and crisis management, and therefore it is important to us that it is readily available.

RapidAssist has an experienced team of emergency, crisis and business continuity management and technology professionals.

Feedback from our clients is a valuable way for us to understand how we can better the system we created. Contact us to discuss any feedback or emergency and crisis management related queries.